Event at Akers Mill Parking Lot

Put a Freeze on Bullying 1st Annual 5k Run & Walk at Akers Mill Parking Lot

Location pin iconCumberland Mall

Calendar icon Sat, Oct 7 – Sat, Oct 7: 8am – 12pm

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We here at CKC  Inc., are challenging the youth, children and our community leaders in our first annual Freeze Don't Bully Walk. It is very important for the children and youth to know they are not alone; and for the one's that may be considered a bully, that there's a better way to be recognized as well as to restore trust in our community with law enforcement.    We at CKC Inc., feel that if the men and women in blue take steps with us, it would let the youth and children know that we all care about them and for them to look beyond the uniform and see them for the person that they are.  This day will mark a beginning of a new trend, not to be a bully, but be a friend.      So please, jump on board with us to bring our communities together and unite all nationalities, all professions by making this more than a one-day event but an everyday goal; letting our children and youth know that their whisper can now turn into a confident voice and say no more, let's put a freeze on bullying. 


Event details and schedule:

The 5K Run and Walk starts at 8am and there will be family fun and lots of entertainment afterwards!